About New Leaf Physiotherapy


New Leaf Physiotherapy is an exciting new venture for 2017 and beyond. Having had a varied life to date, New Leaf seemed an apt name for the business. I have indeed turned over a new leaf many times and will continue to do so throughout my life, as I interpret a 'new leaf' as the start of new growth, new challenges and positive change. New Leaf therefore will be familiar to many clients and has been a commonality amongst clients I have treated to date. Most of whom have turned a new leaf and started to take care of themselves, putting themselves first in their recovery from injury.

New Leaf Physiotherapy is inclusive of a range of holistic, cosmetic and complimentary therapies, all of which are aimed at making my clients feel good, physically, spiritually and emotionally. By embracing a positive attitude to healing, you are half way there. You can leave the rest of it to me...

We aim to educate our patients in a safe environment while offering them necessary comprehensive care. We understand that many people have anxiety about their physical health, so we created a soothing environment and a scheduling system that never keeps you waiting. By combining the latest knowledge and keeping up to date with traditional techniques, we give our patients the best care possible.

Rhea Foy BSc, MSc, MCSP, PGCE, AACP, FEA, FACIALENHANCE, Member of cosmetic acupuncture UK

Rhea graduated from the University of Exeter with a sports degree in 2005. At the time she utilised this to pursue a career in teaching. After 3 successful years teaching  following completion of a PGCE in primary education and specialising in PE and as the school sports coordinator, she decided that she wanted to change the direction of her career to something that she had some very personal experiences with - physiotherapy!

Throughout life so far, I have been involved in most sports, particularly the 2 wheeled variety. From a young age I loved being on my bike, continuing my need for speed, and have competed in both downhill MTB and MX. On top of this, I have competed nationally in Taekwondo, county level football, and university teams for football, rugby, squash and basketball. I am pretty good at golf too :).  

I have recently found a love for yoga which helps unwind and work on the old hamstrings and after another amazing holiday in Thailand, at the beginning of the year, I have also started to regularly participate in Muay Thai Boxing which I completely love. 



Throughout this sporting history, I managed to strain, sprain  and break various areas of my body and through rehabilitation was able to return with no deficit. This gave me the motivation and insight into my current career as a physiotherapist. After a very intense Master of Science in Physiotherapy, I qualified as a physio in 2012 and have since worked in many establishments. Starting within the NHS, working within stroke rehabilitation, the opportunity arose for me to specialise in my chosen area, down the corridor, in musculoskeletal physiotherapy. From here, I worked in several local hospitals, worked with Colchester united youth teams, physio team at london 2012 olympics ceremonies, marathon runners at London 2016,  local sports physio clinics privately, Springfield hospital in Chelmsford, The Oaks private hospital in Colchester and finally set up my own business in what I love!

I currently also work within a couple of private clinics locally on a self employed basis.

Whilst I have emphasised the sporting element, in society today, my work is becoming more and more involved with work related injuries and lifestyle factors that are creating a pandemic of back pain and neck pain. Whatever the pain you have, trust I have plenty of experience with dealing with this both personally and through treating thousands of patients to date. 


We treat many conditions and are always keeping up to date with the latest research evidence to help support our clinical decision making. Keeping up to date with face to face courses is also something of importance to us. Rest assured you are in capable and safe hands when you visit us here at New Leaf Physiotherapy.



We are based in Wickford, See our contact page for information on how to find us... Whilst I wish no injury upon you, I hope if you do require a service that we offer, that I will be able to meet you and help you to achieve your health goals...


A New Leaf, A New You... Why wait for freedom?



Rhea x